Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A few words about The Menace

Finding the cover art for my novella The Menace was a little tricky, because my character Javier Rodin (The Menace) is not supposed to be good looking, but rather menacing looking. The model I chose is obviously truly handsome, yet it's all in the attitude, the expression. He does look menacing, as though you're not quite sure exactly what his expression means or what he might do, and that truly fits the character.
Over the years I have seen many diverse film and TV portrayals of the character Mr. Rochester in Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre, usually by some of the world's most handsome men, even though Mr. Rochester isn't supposed to be handsome at all. Timothy Dalton (A personal favorite) Michael Jayston, Toby Stephens, Ciran Hinds, and others. But it's all about attitude. And for my cover model, his attitude I believe truly fits the bill for The Menace. What do you think?


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