Friday, October 24, 2014

My Billionaire Books

My billionaire books are playful billionaire themed books,
but they are not related. 

Romancing the Billionaire's Daughter

(A playful romantic comedy)

When Quinn Zackary, rising star of the corporate world and protégé to billionaire Maxwell Rydell, is approached by his boss with a shocking request--to marry his precocious twenty-four year old daughter, and take over the company when Maxwell retires, Quinn is stunned.

But he is in for an even bigger surprise when he meets Katy, because instead of the spoiled and pampered princess he'd envisioned, he discovers an animal loving and playful young woman with a heart of gold, and an impish sense of humor. Not to mention an unfortunate tendency to create chaos wherever she goes.

Although intrigued, Quinn is not willing to sign his life away for a job, no matter how good. But he does agree to spend the weekend at the Rydell estate getting to know Katy and to see what might develop.

The Billionaire's Angel
A feel-good playful love story of approximately 21,000 words.
Dimitrius Andropolous has it all. He’s a self-made billionaire with homes both in Europe and the United States, he’s sleek, smooth and sophisticated. At least that’s the way it appears to the outside world.
Until little angel Fey comes into his life and turns him into a super klutz. There is method to her madness, however. Fey knows exactly what Dimitri wants in life, and he isn’t going to get it by appearing aloof, unapproachable and imposing.
Matchmaking is Fey’s business, and Dimitri is in for a big surprise. His life is about to do a one hundred and eighty degree turn for the better.

The Billionaire and the Barista
A short sensual romantic comedy of approximately 16,700 words. 

When Daniel Gerard first made his millions, he’d been intrigued by the fact he could easily get almost any woman he wanted. By the time he became a billionaire, he knew that he would never know for sure if a woman could separate the man from the billions in her mind.
When Bill, his personal limo driver had a family emergency, Daniel found himself driving his own limousine home from the airport. Exhausted he stopped for a break half way home at a small town coffee shop. There he met Lorianne, a cheerful young Barista, who is about to open a themed coffee shop of her own, Java Knights. Shrugging off his responsibilities and thrilled to be liked as simply Daniel the limo driver, he decides to stay in town to help her with the opening. Daniel has fun listening to her brother’s band rehearse for opening night, taking Lori for picnics and being treated simply as Danny.
When Daniel finds himself falling for Lori, Harry his personal accountant who is even more jaded than Daniel, is not only concerned but also convinced that once even sweet Lori figures out who he is, she would change, as all women did when they saw Daniel’s wealth. They propose an experiment. What would Lori do, if she had money, and thought Daniel didn’t? They decide to find out, and arrange for Lori to win a million dollar lottery jackpot secretly funded by Daniel. Will she remain the same sweet girl he’d fallen in love with? And will she still want to go through with the wedding?

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