Friday, April 21, 2017

The Starlight Walk

Announcing my latest book, The Starlight Walk is a collection of four music themed romantic comedy novellas all taking place on Madison City's Starlight Walk.
The first three novellas in the series were initially published individually and the fourth is brand new, now they are all together in one book.

The Starlight Walk, consists of four novellas each taking place on the fictional Starlight Walk in Madison City.
(Please note that the first three of these stories were initially published individually. The fourth is new.)

It Will Always Be You
When Regan Jordan and her best friend Elsie acquired tickets to their all-time favorite TV talk show The Lundquist Hour on their summer vacation to Madison City, they had no idea it would a life changing event.
When special guest, Broadway legend and music superstar Loretta Lindstrom unexpectedly leaves the live show early, host Thorndike Lundquist must find a way to fill in the remainder of the hour.

Regan, at Elsie's urging gets up to sing. She has been compared by friends and family to Loretta for years. Though she has never taken any of it seriously; she's a receptionist, singing is something she does for fun. But Regan's tribute to Loretta is amazing, and Vance, Thorne's producer, knows the viewing audience will want to see more of her.
Regan who is sweet but also very strong and independent becomes an overnight sensation. With the help of Thorne and her long time idol and new friend Loretta Lindstrom, she embarks upon a journey to stardom. Regan finds herself falling for the handsome talk show host, but though he is kind, Thorne is also domineering and it is inevitable that sparks will fly.

Really and Truly

When pianist Josephine Truly was invited by her old friend and songstress Regan Jordan to visit Madison City to appear on her husband’s afternoon talk show The Lundquist Hour, Josie knew she couldn’t resist. The only problem is that Josie has always been more of a shy retiring sort; playing the piano in the background for other people rather than being center stage. She had played for Regan back in their hometown before she became famous. Attempting to fill time and quell her nerves, Josie goes out to dinner alone the night before her scheduled TV appearance, unfortunately, Josie realizes too late that she has forgotten her wallet and can’t even call Regan—the only person she knows in town—as she’s just gone into labor with her first child. Josie is forced to explain herself to tall, handsome restaurant owner Randolfo Tarino.
When Thorne, Regan’s husband, delighted at becoming a new father, decides to put the show into reruns for a week, Josie’s performance is rescheduled and she has a week to fill in a beautiful Madison City, and a very interesting and fun-loving Italian restaurant owner to get to know.

A Starlight Walk Christmas

At eighteen years old, alone, pregnant and with no secure future, aspiring singer Leandra Kelly gave up her baby for adoption. Doing what she thought was best for him, she handed him into the arms of her older infertile best friend who longed for a child.
Twenty-one years later, on his birthday, Doyle arrives at the Starlight Walk in search of the woman who gave him up, now a thirty-nine year old world famous rock star.
When Lea receives an alert from his adoptive mother where to find Doyle, she approaches the young man at the Starlight Walk fountain and they spend the day together, but she is not sure if he knows who she is, or if he believes that they are two strangers who met in the spirit of the season.
This is a short and sweet tale of love, second chances, and new beginnings.

The Starlight

When Nuncio Tarino decides to move to Madison City to open first a classic car showroom, and then a night club on the Starlight Walk, he gets just a little more than he bargains for. On the club’s opening night, alerted to unusual sounds in the back alley, he discovers Horatio, a large orange feline being pursued by animal rescuer Dulcinea Devenforth. Nuncio hadn’t planned on adopting a cat, he’d never had one before, but there is something about Dulcie that has the notorious playboy doing just that, and something else he’d never anticipated doing before. Falling in love.
Join Nuncio and Dulcie, two people from very different worlds and backgrounds in The Starlight.

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