Photographs of Arizona!

The desert is a place filled with wildlife and nature.
This tree is clinging on for dear life, growing slightly sideways,
But often proved to be an excellent place for a hawk to rest.

The ground squirrels make me smile, they are adorable and
have such large brown eyes, and they're always in a hurry.

The hawk, he often rests in the shade of the tree and isn't shy,
he didn't move a muscle when we took his picture.

A beautiful wingspan

A Chuckwalla lizard who always seemed to be bopping up and
down as though doing push ups.

At dusk and dawn we often saw the rabbits happily leaping
about and frolicking in the dry wash/arroyo.

Another little ground squirrel

A young coyote pup, we took the pic over the gate in the grounds
of the museum, the museum was closed and I'm sure he felt safe
 hanging out there.

Desert rain in the distance

Windy at sunset

The usually dry wash/arroyo after a storm

This large deer just simply watched us for a minute and then in
the blink of an eye was gone into the desert

Desert sunset

The second of the two coyote pups, he looks happy doesn't he?

A Curious Javelina. We weren't as close as it might appear.

These stocky Javelina are much more agile than you might think.
They climb up and down the sloping walls of the wash/arroyo with ease

The hawk in a pensive mood, or looking for dinner?

More Javelina. Often large groups would come through together.

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