Friday, April 4, 2014

What is your type?

The Rainesville Ranchers

What is your type?

Strong rugged and cowboy? If so, I have just the guy for you, in fact I have six of them in The Rainesville Ranchers. Six love affairs set on and around the Texas ranch and hometown of the Courtright family.
The cast of characters: Six guys, six girls. Six stories all in one novel.
The guys:
Royce Stevens. Ranch Foreman.Tall and rugged with jet black hair, big blue eyes and secretly in love.
Trace Evans. The Courtrights' neighbor with a bad boy reputation, but is there a reason? Guys get hurt too.
Eric Courtright. Tall, handsome, the oldest of the four Courtright brothers, very responsible, but will he put his siblings’ happiness first, or follow the love of his life?
Ben Courtright. Youngest of the Courtright siblings, cute, playful and adored by every woman who came into contact with him, but is that what he really wants? Or is he seeking that one special love?
Jay Courtright. Tall blond and quick tempered. One of the middle two siblings and part of the duo known as ‘double trouble’. Who can tame this guy, the most volatile of the Courtright siblings?
Cash Courtright. The last of the siblings in the ranch house alone, and enjoying it…at least for a while. The second of the well-known middle two, known as ‘double trouble’, and quickly discovering that his future may lead him in an entirely different direction than the rest of his family.
The girls:
Miranda Courtright. Short, cheeky, a little bit feisty, and able to keep all of her brothers in line, or at the very least confuse them.
Delaney Sommerville. Former resident of Rainesville, can she stay, or is she destined to continually live her life in limbo?
Darcey Louisa Mason. Owner of the local watering hole The Golden Saloon, secretly in love and stunned when she is given an opportunity to get to know the one member of the Courtright clan she’s admired from afar for years. But will it all slip through her fingers?
Arianna Beaufort. Interior designer, what could possibly induce her to stay on a Texas ranch? A fish out of water? Maybe, maybe not.
Isabella Pavellini. Southern Italian chef, from a family of Italian restaurant owners, what or who can keep her in Texas?
Viola Hardington. English singer of the touring group The Hardingtons, could she be tempted by anyone to stay in Rainesville or is it the other way around? Can she change a cowboy’s mind about his future and where he really belongs?
Find out how these six vastly different guys and girls work out their differences and find love together in The Rainesville Ranchers.

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