Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Rainesville Ranchers. Who's your favorite character?

Have you read the Rainesville Ranchers? Who is your favorite character? Is it the stoic but gorgeous Royce, the ranch foreman, Trace the naughty but hurt neighbor, Eric the very responsible older brother, or Ben the playful youngest one? How about the two middle brothers, Jay the volatile one, or Cash the hold out, and last in the family to find love until he's blindsided by a young English singer?
How about the girls? Miranda sure knows how to deal with her bossy brothers. Or Darcey, who runs The Golden Saloon and is used to being independent and taking care of herself. Or Isabella, the Italian chef with more than enough personality to keep the brothers and the ranch hands in line. How about Arianna who is sure she isn't about to fall for a naughty playful cowboy, but does anyway. Or perhaps it's Laney the one with the unusual past, or maybe Viola, the young English singer who finds more than she bargained for on her tour of the US.
I'd love to know!

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