Thursday, March 9, 2017


Gems (It’s not about diamonds)

From an incredibly stressful beginning to an amazingly happy and unusual ending. I hope you will follow Jace and Samantha’s love story as they navigate through each other’s worlds and try to meet in the middle.

When a six foot four dark haired, blue-eyed cowboy leaps over the wall into billionaire Samantha Amethyst Silverstone’s garden one evening, she is fascinated. Both by his determination to bypass her security and his looks. He must need something pretty badly to be here.
She watches his progress toward her house through her security cameras with her butler and close confidante Oliver.
Jace is a man on a mission—he needs funds to send his ailing niece Gem to an exclusive Swiss clinic for treatment and he’s not leaving without making his request for assistance to Samantha in person. And if that means breeching the walls of her mansion, so be it.
However, soon lonely Samantha has a request of her own. Marriage. And definitely not a marriage of convenience. Her request leaves Jace reeling. Marriage to a delicate woman who wears silks and lace, doesn’t own a pair of jeans, and rides sidesaddle? He’s a down to earth no-nonsense cowboy who spends his days working his ranch and tending his horses, he lives in jeans and cowboy boots …could they possibly make it work?
But there are some unusual surprises along the way. As Samantha gets to know little Gem, she realizes that the girl bears an uncanny resemblance to herself as a child, and when in Europe she discovers another mysterious lookalike in a fashion magazine, a woman so like her that even Jace is fooled into thinking it is her. As the situation progresses a strange connection between the three lookalikes reveals itself that will have Samantha turning to Jace for emotional support and it goes far beyond the fact all three girls have gems as their middle names.
A little girl, a cowboy, a billionairess and an unusual link with an enigmatic butler make up this playful yet touching story.
A joyful ending guaranteed.
You can find Gems here:
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