Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Van Night

After ten years in the public spotlight, sultry singer Van Night needed a break. As his fame increased, his world had become little more than a gilded cage. Van, along with his long time friend and manager Salvatore Rossetti, who was almost as recognizable as Van, had come up with a plan. To hire two Las Vegas lookalikes to impersonate the pair, and to remain at the compound as a distraction for the paparazzi. Meanwhile Van and Sal with disguises in place escape for a quiet retreat in the mountains. Their plan goes awry when they are arrested before reaching their destination by small town cop Deana Wright...
Deana knows something isn't right about the two. After checking their IDs and finding them to be fake, she takes them to jail, where left with no choice they reveal their true identities.
Amused at their ingenuity she aids them in their plan, taking them to the newly opened guest house run by her younger sister Pippa...

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