Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cat and Mouse (A Regency Sex Comedy)

When his adorable neighbor Lucy Widden came upon him in his youth during a tryst with a willing milkmaid in a local hayfield, Lord Alistair Abingdon knew she would never forgive him. And he’d been right. Now many years later, he has returned home, and is determined to win Lucy for himself. He just isn’t sure how to go about it. He’d been home for several weeks and she hadn’t paid him a single visit. He was aware she would soon be going to London for the season. She would have to talk to him there wouldn’t she?
     But his plans are all thrown awry, when Lucy is thrown from her horse, and Lucy’s father Sir Widden sends for him with a very special request. Marry Lucy immediately. Because Lucy has apparently lost not only her memory in the fall, but something else every debutante who wished to make an advantageous match needed. Her hymen. The bumpy ride on her spooked horse had cost her the ability to proclaim herself a true virgin.
     If someone had handed him everything he had ever wanted on a silver platter Alistair could not have been more thrilled. Lucy was going to be his. But because he was well aware of Lucy’s mischievous spirit, he did not for an instant believe that she had lost her memory. And that could only mean one thing. Lucy wanted him and did not know how to say so. As for the other thing, well, time would tell. And he looked forward to finding out.

Available on Amazon for 99 cents. A fun lighthearted Regency romp. I hope you'll stop by my author page and check it out.

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