Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Mystical Fantasy Duet

A Mystical Fantasy Duet (Love Stories)

My  latest duet, a little paranormal fun, with as always a happy ending! Available on my amazon page at http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B007TX1LAE  or just type in L.C. Zingera at amazon.com it will bring up my book list.

Two short sensual stories totaling approximately 15,500 words
Fascinella (A Pixie Story)
In search of a little relaxation after working on a difficult case, attorney Gregory Tarquin took off down the winding country roads of Appenlea on his brand new Regal Eagle. This was the smoothest sleekest and fastest bike he had ever owned. He’d waited months for the special order to arrive.
Carried away with his new dream machine, and speeding down the empty roads, enjoying the feel of the wind in his hair and the powerful bike beneath his thighs as the stresses of his day to day life begin melting away, the very last thing he expected was to run into a pixie.
Driving too fast to stop on a dime, he ran headlong into the side of the long smooth pink limousine that carried the heavenly creature as it crossed the first intersection.
Fascinella DeVita is fascinated by the handsome injured human, and with the aid of her hulking chauffeur named Five takes him to her home to recover.
With her platinum blonde hair, lavender eyes and uncompromising attitude, she is both beautiful and powerful, but there is so much more to the always pink clad sparkling Fascinella and her world than Greg could ever have anticipated. She claims that magicians are pixies, mechanics are sprites and she can make crop circles simply by using the power of her mind. Convinced he is simply having a delusion from a bump on the head when he fell from his bike, and unsure whether he will wake up in the hospital or the morgue, Greg goes along with the fantasy and unexpectedly falls in love with the beautiful sensual pixie...

 Sensations (A Psychic Touch Story)
Sam Givens has a gift. At least he tried to think of it that way. Sam was a writer. His research had led him to many places and into many subjects. He wrote mystery novels, with a unique twist, a combination of eastern and western philosophy, meditation, and healing practices. He’d learned to put into practice some of those methods for himself. Tapping into his sixth sense, he’d developed the ability to heal.
Only his next door neighbor Gin, knows of his abilities, she’s been his friend, neighbor and confidant since childhood. Sam is able to suppress his abilities when he is writing a novel, secluding himself in his house and tuning out everything but his work. But when his mind is no longer cluttered with characters and plot lines, his senses suddenly stir to life and his abilities resurface with a vengeance, often stronger than before.
With the finale of his latest book and reawakening of his senses comes the revelation that he can discern what others are thinking and feeling. Gin his cute neighbor, is in love with him. But the sudden rapid progression of his abilities has him needing Gin’s help, they go for a quiet retreat at his family’s mountain cabin, where he is able to get to know Gin in ways he’d hadn’t dreamed of until recently...

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