Saturday, June 2, 2012

Taming Theodore

Update! I recently changed the cover for Taming Theodore and I am absolutely thrilled with it! This model is the epitome of Theodore in my mind's eye!

Taming Theodore

Ten years ago Theodore Jansen was broken hearted to overhear his high school sweetheart Dresden Carter planning to leave for college in Germany the night before he planned to propose. While he is devastated to find that she does not plan on staying in their hometown of Hokenberry, New Jersey to be with him, it gets even worse when she mocks his homely future plans of settling down and raising a family.
Numbly, he politely escorts her through the graduation ceremony and never contacts her again. Feeling that he has nothing to lose now that his plans have changed, Theo who has always loved to work with his hands, takes a chance, mailing his prized wooden sculptures to a New York City Gallery. Unexpectedly he receives a stunningly positive response and quickly rises to fame as a well known sculptor, becoming notorious not only for his sculptures, but his appetite for women.
Ten years later, when he receives an invitation to his high school reunion from his ex girlfriend Dresden, curiosity gets the better of him and he takes the opportunity to set his demons to rest... but things are not quite what he might have imagined, and love holds some unexpected surprises in store for Theo...

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