Sunday, May 1, 2016

Brief Summaries

Here is a very brief description of some of my books, if you scroll down you will see other posts I have made about these books with more detailed descriptions. Sometimes it's just nice to have a very brief summary!

A Contemporary Countess. A young American lottery winner decides to follow her childhood dream of living in an English mansion by proposing to an impoverished but handsome English Earl.

The Menace (A Romantic Comedy) A determinedly cheerful and dyslexic young woman volunteering at a local hospital accidentally meets the larger than life star of a series of popular movies. Known as the character The Menace, he is bowled over by her.

Heiress. A young man in need of work takes a job as chauffeur to what he expects to be a pampered heiress, instead he discovers a truly unique and loveable young woman with a gentle giant of a dog and a ghost story.

The Rainesville Ranchers. Mirry, the youngest sister of the Courtright family has been hiding a secret, she is not, as her brothers believe, still in love with her childhood crush, (their playboy neighbor who is returning home after a long absence), she is in love with someone much closer to home. And Trace, her neighbor, has a secret of his own, he’s still nursing a broken heart from a long lost love. Plus, Mirry’s four older brothers who are each uniquely different, also fall victim to love in their own home town of Rainesville, Texas.

Van Night. Giovanni DellaSera, known to the world as sultry singer Van Night, is tired of the circus his life has become and decides to take a break by going on the run from reporters and fans dressed in disguise, along with his longtime friend and manager Salvatore Rossetti. But things don’t go quite as smoothly as planned.

Gems (It’s not about Diamonds). A cowboy in search of funds to help with his young niece’s hospital treatment finds an unexpected love of his own and a little mystery along the way in this gentle tale with a truly unique and happy ending.

A Christmas Date. The blind date from hell become a Christmas to remember when two reluctant and mismatched people are set up by their well-meaning friends.

The Billionaire’s Angel. Billionaire Dimitrius Andropolous needed help finding a girl, not just any girl. A loveable one. Little Angel Fey is just the one to help, making him appear more approachable and less imposing by turning him into a super klutz.

Romancing the Billionaire’s Daughter. A handsome executive suddenly discovers why he’s been taken under his boss’s wing—he wants him to marry his daughter, a quirky funny animal loving girl unlike anyone he’s ever met.

The Billionaire and the Barista. Billionaires don’t always have all the fun, as people seem to think. It’s hard to meet genuine people when all they see is dollar signs. But a chance encounter with a young barista changes that for Daniel.

Lady Jane and the Cowboy. Honey is a woman on a mission—to set up her favorite cousin with a bride. With the help of an agency she sends for an English housekeeper/potential fiancée. But Red really can’t see how a flimsy English Lady can fit into life on the ranch.

Taming Theodore.  After a difficult break up as a young man, Theo has channeled his energy into his creativity, he is now a famous but very jaded sculptor. Until he begins to realize that love was right under his nose all along. (A very sensual and explicit story)

A Mystical Fanstasy Duet of Love Stories. (Two short stories).

1.Fascinella. A lawyer out for a relaxing ride on his new acquisition—a brand new custom built motorbike—runs headlong into a pixie in a pink stretch limousine, and finds the situation so surreal he is unsure if he is hallucinating or dead.

2.Sensations. A telekinetic psychic whose powers are growing each day seeks help from his best friend and neighbor who just happens to be in love with him.

 It Will Always Be You (The Starlight Walk Series #1) Regan Jordan and her best friend go on vacation to Madison City to see their all-time favorite talk show The Lundquist Hour, when the guest star exits early, Regan is given a chance to sing and meet the handsome host.

Really and Truly (The Starlight Walk Series #2) Josie Truly is really and truly scared when dining alone the night before a scheduled T.V performance in Madison City, she realizes she has forgotten her wallet and has to explain herself to the restaurant’s handsome but intimidating looking owner.

A Starlight Walk Christmas (The Starlight Walk Series #3) A world famous rock star reunites with the son she gave up for adoption 21yrs ago, making for a memorable Christmas on the Starlight Walk.
The Starlight (The Starlight Walk Series #4) When notorious playboy Nuncio Tarino decides to open first a classic car showroom and then a nightclub on the Starlight Walk, he gets a little more than he bargains for, in the shape of Dulcinea Devenforth, a young woman intent on rescuing a large ginger tomcat in the alley behind his club.

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