Sunday, May 1, 2016

Murder at La Marionette Hotel (A Romantic Comedy Murder Mystery)

Murder at La Marionette Hotel

A contemporary romantic comedy murder mystery

 When Lorne St. Patrick was young, like all kids, he dreamed of being a superstar. But he had something the other kids didn’t. An incredible voice, a talent for writing songs and fingertips that could coax exquisite notes from an acoustic guitar.
It wasn’t an easy road, but with hard work and patience, he had made it. But someone was trying to sabotage his success in the worst way possible. By murdering his fans.
Tennyson Astin was a lawyer, she’d become a lawyer, she admitted to her friend Detective Sergeant Aaran Mulaney, because when she was young she’d had no direction and had allowed her parents to coax her into it. What she really wanted to do, was write mystery novels. So with her background in law, and her new friendship with the local police force who allowed her to ride-along on their quiet nights, so she could gain an understanding of police procedure, she was well on her way to finishing her first novel.

Then came Lorne. The auburn haired singer with hazel eyes and the voice of an angel. Could he really be a murderer? The bodies were piling up. But with his almost angelic good looks and playful sense of humor, it hardly seemed possible.
Tenn and Aaran have been assigned to watch the rising star’s every move. But when another murder occurs while he is under their surveillance, that he couldn’t possibly have committed, Tenn agrees to pose as his fiancée during his stay in Madison City’s La Marionette hotel in the hope that they can smoke out the real killer. But will they be able to do that before one of them becomes the latest victim? And will performing in Madison City’s forties style dinner theater production of Murder at La Marionette lure out the killer or will someone else become the next victim?
An Irish singer, an American lawyer/wannabe mystery writer, a large and loveable English Mastiff named Harvey, three detectives and one very clever villain with an ax to grind make up this story.

Harvey may be huge, but he's an adorable and loveable big lug,
and an important part of the story!

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